Codes and Standards


In Canada truss design is regulated by the provincial or territorial building codes.

Trusses for houses and small buildings or Part 9 structures in Canada are designed in accordance with design procedures from TPIC "Truss Design Procedures and Specifications for Light Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses" as per the National Building Code section

Trusses for commercial or industrial buildings are governed by the requirements of Part 4 of the NBCC and are designed in accordance with CSA O86-01 which references the truss plate testing standard CSA S347 Method of Test for Evaluation of Truss Plates Used in Lumber Joints.

Trusses for agricultural buildings are also designed in accordance with Part 4 of the National Building Code and CSA O86-01.In some provinces some modifications for agricultural type structures are based on the Canadian Farm Building Code where it is accepted.
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